Interested in becoming an Ape Friend?

Ape is looking for 10 more affiliates, spanning across different industries. If you align with our mission and are interested in possibly becoming an Ape Friend, please choose the section below that applies most to you.

  • Influencer

    Influencers have such a huge impact on the choices people make. With your help, we can get healthy, natural, and eco-friendly products to your followers. Give them the best, since they are the best! Learn More

  • Gamer

    Gaming is in our blood at Ape. Ape's co-owner, Drew, is a passionate gamer himself. You'll definitely fit right in here. Learn More

  • Beauty/Skincare Expert

    Skincare is obviously a passion of ours here at Ape. Beauty and make-up is too though. Ape's co-owner, Trish, loves to try out new make-up looks. You're going to be in good company here. Learn More