Since 2015

Ape was started in 2015 by Trish Phoenix and Drew Buonaiuto. Partners in life, and partners in business, Trish and Drew brought their unique skill sets together to form a business with a purpose. Ape was originally called The Naked Vegan Soap Co. As our product line expanded, the name was changed to Naked Ape.
We finally landed on our final name, Ape, in 2021.

Trish Phoenix

Trish is one of the owners of Ape and is the brains behind our products. In the mid 2000's, Trish had her own soap company called Southern Essence before moving on to becoming a massage therapist. After formulating all our soaps from scratch, she moved to formulating our lip balm, and then almost all of our other products. Trish is passionate about skincare and is determined to invent and innovate her way into becoming a beauty and skincare legend. When she isn't working, Trish can be found listening to true crime podcasts, trying out new make-up looks, and tattooing herself and Drew.

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Drew Buonaiuto

Drew is the other owner of Ape and handles all the marketing. In 2012, Drew became a professional photographer, and soon after, moved on to running his own photography business. He has always been determined to run his own business and his creative marketing skills perfectly compliment Trish's skill set and skincare knowledge. Drew is determined to do as much good in the world as possible, and is very passionate about making Ape as eco-friendly as possible. When he isn't working, Drew can be found riding his motorcycle, making videos for his youtube channel, and playing video games.

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At Ape, we're on a mission to make the world a better place.
To learn more about our ethics, goals, and charity work, please click the button below.

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